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Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers

Don't rely solely on driver education.
High school driver education may be the most convenient way to learn driving skills, but it doesn't always produce safer drivers. Parents also should set good examples when they drive while reinforcing the lessons their teens learned in drivers ed.

Restrict night driving.

Most nighttime fatal crashes among young drivers occur between 9 p.m. and midnight, so you can reduce their risk of a crash by restricting nighttime driving after 9 p.m. The problem isn't just that late-night driving requires more skill. Outings late at night tend to be recreational. In these circumstances, even teens who usually follow all the rules can easily be distracted or encouraged to take risks.

Can you believe it? It’s back to school time already!

Let’s be extra careful this year and keep our children safe.

Each year, hundreds of children are injured or killed by motor vehicles, on foot or when riding bicycles, according to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration. Children may not always pay attention to traffic as they head to and from school each day, so it's up to you drive defensively when school is in session. Keep in mind some basic tips for keeping aware of children when driving and you'll help keep roads safer.


STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic.

ASSIST injured. Have someone call police. Repeat after 5 minutes.

SECURE names, phone number, addresses of other drivers, witnesses, injured persons.

SECURE make, model license numbers of all cars involved.

MAKE rough drawing of scene, showing position of cars and other details.

DON’T hastily accept claim settlement at scene of accident.

REMAIN calm, courteous and consistent in your version of accident.

NOTIFY your insurance agency as soon as possible.

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