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August 2012
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Is My College Student Covered by My Home Insurance?

In general, property insurance for college students is determined by where your student is living.

Time flies. First it was preschool and now fast forward to high school graduation and freshman college orientation. The transition can be difficult, but with the right information and preparation, you can send your student off prepared for any damage or theft of his or her material goods.

In general, property insurance for college students is determined by where your student is living.
If your dependent lives in a dorm, their possessions are typically covered under your homeowners insurance. However, investigate the details, as some homeowners insurance policies limit the amount of coverage for a student’s goods. Take pictures and add up the value of your student’s belongings, including stereos, computers, phones, and gaming systems, before they leave home. Review these amounts with your insurance company to ensure you do not need to purchase additional coverage.

If your child moves to an off-campus apartment, you should take out a separate renter’s insurance policy to safeguard coverage. Their belongings are not covered under your homeowner’s policy in this setting.

Prepare for potential wrongdoing and keep in mind that colleges and universities are not responsible for damage or theft of student assets, even if the incident happens on campus.
Outside of property coverage, an overlooked situation is liability. What if your child unintentionally injured another student? Perhaps during an intramural sports activity? Alternatively, even in the cafeteria line? Normally, your homeowners insurance will provide coverage for these incidents up to the limit of your policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance Rates Rising

Wind…. Hail.... Wildfires…. Tornados…. Drought. Sound familiar lately?

Unfortunately, the increasing number of weather events in Montana is causing home insurance premiums to rapidly increase. If you are insured with us now, we are watching your renewal rates closely and checking with our large variety of companies to see if any will offer a lower premium for you. We are always available to go over coverage and deductible options that might save you some money.

If you are not currently insured with us, we can probably help lower your premium without decreasing your coverage. Home insurance rates can vary among the different insurance companies based on their experience in your community. We have a large variety of great insurance companies in our agency that will compete for your business. We can find the home insurance coverage you need with a top rated insurance company, at the lowest possible price.

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